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Open Baseline Concussion Testing Dates!!

Baseline Concussion Testing: Why this testing is important to keep yourself and your children safe!!

How Can a Baseline Test Help to Keep Your Brain Safe and Healthy?

There is no X-ray or brain scan that can determine when you have received a concussion or when your brain has recovered to the point where you are safe to return to sports. The best tool we have available to ensure that you are safe to sustain another impact is to measure you at baseline (before injury) and then measure you again when we have assessed and determined that you have safely recoverd. This way we can pick up these very subtle deficits that indicate that you may not be fully recovered and are therefore vulnerable to a severe, and potentially permanent, brain injury.

No one can tell you when you have fully recovered…unless they have the data from all of these testing metrics from before you were injured. No one can see the energy levels in your brain that are affected with a  concussion and research tells us you can’t rely on how you feel; you must be tested! On the other hand, perhaps what looked like a questionable impact has had no negative impact and the athlete can be cleared to return to sport, play, practice and school.

Bottom Line:

Make sure you or your child gets a baseline test done before it’s too late!! It only takes a 30-40 minute appointment and is the most valuable purchase you will make all year. Long-term brain health… it’s a no brainer!

We currently don't have any Open Baseline Testing dates set; however, if you would like to book an appointment, please call our clinic at (613) 732-9215, visit our Concussion webpage or email us at!

Open Baseline Concussion Testing Dates

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