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Classes and Appointments

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Learn How to Use the MindBody Software First

Establishing Your MindBody Account

Once you have linked to our MindBody Software (The link at the bottom of this section will take you directly there)

  1. Click "Sign-up" on the top right hand side
  2. Under New to Our Site? (meaning already a patient, but not necessarily a new patient)
  3. First name
  4. Last Name
  5. Click Next
  6. Click "This is me?" (as you do not want to create a double account for yourself)
  7. Provide ONE of the following (if you have clicked “This is Me”:
  8. Create a Login
Note: Your password must be at least eight characters long and contain at least one number
  1. Click Submit
  2. Click OK
Note: You can also call Active Chiropractic and we can set a password for you and you will be ready to log in, no set up required for patient.
Click here to be directed to the "Sign Up" page.
Signing Up for Classes
Once you have successfully signed in you are ready to sign up for classes. (See instructions above for sign-in info).
Note: Reservation = signing up for a class
  1. Click 'Classes' Tab (the link at the bottom of this section will take you directly there)
  2. Before you can sign up for a class you need account credit ($) or to have cancelled yourself out of a future paid class first by clicking on "My Info" and then "My Schedule."
    • If you would like to cancel yourself out of a class you are unable to attend, click "cancel" on the right hand side of the class reservation you wish to cancel.
    • You can refine your search for a specific class type by choosing from the drop down menus at the top of the page.
    • Ensure that the date is correct for the class you want to sign up for.
  3. Scroll down until you have found the class you would like to sign up for. Ensure that there is enough space. (Example: 8/12 spots are taken but 4 spots are available.)
  4. Click "Sign up Now."
  5. You will then be taken to a screen where you can make a single reservation for the class or a recurring reservation

Note: MindBody will only let you reserve a spot in a class if you have purchased a series of BootCamp or Yoga classes at the clinic, if you have class credits, or you purchase a series or individual classes online.

  1. If you have purchased a series of classes already (Example: 8 weeks at 2x/week = 16 classes), and all your classes are scheduled, you will not be able to reserve a space in a class without cancelling a class first.
  2. If you have purchased a series of classes already, but you do not have all your classes scheduled (Example: you have notified the front desk or your trainer that you are not able to attend a class), you will be able to reserve a spot in a class.

Click here to be directed to the "Classes" Tab.

Booking an Appointment
Once you have successfully ‘signed in' you are ready to book an appointment. (See instructions above for sign-in info).
  1. Click the "Appointments" Tab. (The link for appointments at the bottom of this section will take you directly there.)
  2. This screen will show a list of your recent appointments where you can choose to “Find more of these” for a particular appointment you have had in the past.
    • Alternatively, you can select the service you would like to book from the list of services we provide at Active Chiropractic. If you are unsure what appointment type you have received in the past for previous appointments with us, please go to the "My Info" tab, and select "Visit History."
  3. Client Types. Please select the client type that represents you best. Options are: student, adult or senior. Please refer back to the top of this page for a PDF document entitled "Explanation of Your Online Account Information" for more detailed information on online booking.)
  4. Choose when you would like to book an appointment.
    • You can select specific days of the week you want to search for an available appointment.
    • You can select a date frame in which you want to see available appointments.
    • You can select a time frame in which you want to see available appointments.
      • Alternatively, you can leave the default for a list of the appointments available "as soon as possible."
  5. Click "Search."
  6. Select the day and time that best suites you and your schedule.
  7. Click "Request."

Note: Appointments are by request only. You can then either request a single appointment or a recurring appointment. You may add any notes, if necessary, to your appointment request.

  1. Selecting a "Request a Single Appointment",  Your request has now been submitted to the Clinic.
  2. You will then be re-directed to “My Schedule” and you will see the appointment you requested followed by "requested only."
  3. You will then get an email stating your request has been submitted and that it is awaiting approval from the clinic and that an additional email will be sent approving or denying your request.
  4. Once the clinic approves/confirms your request you will receive a confirmation email, stating date, time, service, and appointment type. It also sends in the same email as an attachment to open, which allows you to schedule it right into your email calendar. Your appointments has now been fully scheduled with us at our reception.
  5. If your appointment request is denied by the clinic, you will receive an email stating, that we are unable to fulfill your appointment request. Please try submitting another request or contact us to check for availability.
    • You request would be denied if for some reason by the time the request comes in to the reception we have already booked that time slot with a patient in the clinic, or if you are asking for an appointment type that does not match your status. (Example: You are an adult and you selected senior as your appointment type.)
  6. Selecting a "Recurring Appointment"
  7. Select the days of the week you would like the appointment to occur.
  8. The duration that you would like to book for: every week, every two weeks, once a month, or once every 2 months etc.
  9. Requested appointments must be confirmed by the clinic before they become booked on your schedule.
  10. With recurring appointment requests, only the first date of the recurring appointment is listed on your schedule. After the request is confirmed and processed in the clinic, each confirmed appointment will be listed individually on your schedule. 
Click here to be directed to the "Appointments" Tab
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