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  • Fitness Equipment

FitterFirst Equipment  

Active Chiropractic is your source for fitness equipment to help you sustain your fitness goals. We are a supplier for FitterFirst Equipment. Products include foam rollers, burst resistant exercise balls, medicine balls, resistance tubing, sit discs, bosu balls and more. If you're interested in purchasing some of this equipment for your personal use, you can call or come in during clinic hours to ask us any questions or test any of the products.
  • Fitness

Check out this inspiring video for the upcoming Paralympics - We're The Superhumans

Reebok 25,915 Days

Exercise is more important than ever for the aging body click here to continue reading!

Weight Loss made simple!

Stay fit with minimal equipment at home!

  • Running

Click here to read an inspirational story of one of Active Chiropractic's patient/client's Boston Marathon experience!

Interested in Barefoot Running? Click to learn more about the Biomechanics of Barefoot Running!

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle

 Click here to learn more about 'Eating Clean'- change your lifestyle for the better!

Healthy eating is an important component to your overall health and well-being! 

Going on vacation is an exciting time, but can really mess up our eating habits! Here are some tips while on vacation to keep you on track with eating healthy!

We all need to strive to eat less CRAP and more FOOD!

  • Yoga

Click here for tips and information from the Yoga Journal on strengthening your yoga practice

Click here for great resources on becoming a certified instructor from the Yoga Alliance

Click here to read about the importance of integrating proper breathing into your life!

Looking for a fun and safe way to tone your body ? Click to learn various yoga poses to do just that!

  • Chiropractic

Click here to link to Activator Methods

Click here to link to Active Release Techniques (ART)

Active Chiropractic submits various health and wellness articles for the Health Matters Magazine. If you would like to read these and other informative articles please follow the link!

  • Pregnancy & Infants

Click here to link to Mother Nurture for Prenatal Education, Breastfeeding groups and more in the Ottawa Valley

Did you know that Dr. Radley-Walters is trained in pregnant mother and infant adjusting?

  • Concussion

Rowan's Law - don't risk the health of your brain!

Active Chiropractic Family Health Centre is a certified Complete Concussion Management provider!

Book a Baseline Test today!

Check out the latest Concussion video! Canadian Health Network is Changing the Game on Concussions..

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