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From Our Clients.

Active Chiropractic has been a big part of my life for the better part of four years.  I have been lucky enough to have discovered the pain and pleasure of Dr Elizabeth’s chiropractic work that kept me both working and running. I am certain both of those would not have been possible without her. She has always been so knowledgeable and professional. Dr. Elizabeth is always patient understanding and willing to help you be the best you can be. As I move on to Calgary it’s with a very heavy heart as I know she is going to be so hard to replace. Even though she has helped by providing me with a detailed list of Chiropractors to check out. They have big shoes to fill!

BodySculpt Bootcamp became my time that was always just for me. I chose to do this class three times a week. It starts your day off with a bang and if you end your day with a glass of wine well there is no guilt because you already worked out. The classes are designed to both challenge you and keep you within your own limits. The instructors are all so well trained and are so motivational they will push you to your limits and not beyond. If one us had an injury they are quick to adjust and change any part of their class. No matter who teaches the class they watch your form and technique and correct us so we don’t injure ourselves but if something gets tweaked we had a whole team available to assist us and get us back on course! Along with the physical benefits of being stronger and leaner which came with each class so did friendships. Class dynamics are always changing so with each season so did friendships. People came and went but the regulars were always there and that was a huge part of the fun. Laughing and catching up during the stretches and warm up, challenging each other during the class made every class a blast.

Tracey Whitman

I have really enjoyed the program.  Elizabeth’s inspiration and encouragement was exactly what I needed. After two months, I reduced my measurements beyond by expectation, feel absolutely great and don’t want to stop!

Vikki Benner

I have been an ongoing member of Active Chiropractic for approximately one year. I attend the BodySculpt BootCamp twice a week as well as Hatha Yoga once a week. I have been noticing a very positive change in my strength, ability and flexibility! I have also recently made changes to my dietary intake. I used to eat a lot of breads. I would have toast every single morning and a sandwich almost every day, and I thought all was good! I decided to make changes to my eating habits because I was feeling as though I could better myself. I now have a bowl of oatmeal and a poached egg for breakfast. To my oatmeal I will add hemp hearts, ground flax seed, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds. I rarely consume bread anymore and by incorporating a balanced healthy diet and healthy choices throughout the day I have far more energy and am feeling great! I have also noticed changes in my body since modifying my eating habits. I have developed more muscle definition for all my major muscle groups, my belly is flatter, my smile is beaming and my energy is infectious! I like to follow a clean eating diet and the book I loaned out from the clinic called the Eat Clean Diet from Tosca Reno provided many helpful hints. The support, guidance and encouragement from the staff at Active Chiropractic are invaluable to me.

Brenda Joliceur

I had been participating in Active Chiropractic’s BootCamp since 2008 and was feeling very happy about my fitness. I generally take the summer off from classes, so three years ago (July 2010) I challenged myself to get running. My goal was to run 5 km without stopping, which I did after five weeks of lacing up my shoes and hitting the road. After that accomplishment, I had a goal of running 10 km, which I did that September. That was the beginning of using "ten and ones", which I continue to use on long runs. With my return to the twice weekly Fit Mom BootCamp classes and winter coming I chose to continue running and Elizabeth gave me advice on winter running gear. When I signed up for the Ottawa Race Weekend Half Marathon she encouraged my effort and suggested specific exercises. I finished the May 2011 race in 1:56:36. That fall I ran the Army Run half marathon in 1:53:49. Again with fall schedules and winter coming I chose to continue both BootCamp and running and decided on the Ottawa Race Weekend Marathon in 2012, which I finished with a time of 3:50:21 qualifying me to run in the Boston Marathon April 2013. I finished the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:53:39 which re-qualifies me for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

Jennifer Jennings

I have been participating in Active Chiropractic’s 5/10K run clinics. I first started out by wanting to learn more about running and how I could improve my form and breathing and decrease my knee pain. I took part in the 5K Run Clinic every Tuesday evening during the summer. Elizabeth got me hooked! I started to achieve goals and feel great. My energy levels increased and my endurance started to improve. I looked forward to each week and I appreciated the talks that were included in the clinic where Elizabeth taught us many things ranging from strength training, joint mobility, safety, race prep and so much more! I learned proper breathing techniques that increased my stamina and improved my running time and I become a more knowledgeable and confident runner.

I set my sights on the 5K (Turkey Trot) and I was so pleased with the attention Elizabeth gave to creating individualized running schedules for me and the other runners. We all were at different levels and it was nice to have a custom program tailored to my abilities and goals. When I ran into an injury I was afraid that my goals were no longer in sight, but having a chiropractor as a run instructor helped me get back on track in no time! I am happy to say that I accomplished my 5K goal and with a personal best and did it ever feel great! During the 5 km Turkey Trot although I pulled a calf muscle at the 2 km mark I still managed to finish the race with my best time and came in second in my age group. This was thanks to Elizabeth’s training and inspiration.

I now am setting my goals on training for a 10K in the New Year. I can’t say enough about the running program offered here. Dr.  Elizabeth understands human movement to the utmost and it’s nice to know that if I get injured I have a doctor there to help me regain my full running ability back safely and effectively! Elizabeth teaches us corrective stretches and exercise to help improve our running gait and efficiency and decrease our risk of injury which I find to be very valuable. I would recommend Active Chiropractic to any aspiring individual looking to become more healthy and active. I wish I could help everyone reap the health benefits I have discovered, but the only way I can do this is by encouraging others to join the Active Chiropractic members!! Thank you very much Active Chiropractic, you have changed my life.

James Pinder

I joined BodySculpt BootCamp a few years ago. I knew I had to become more active in order to lead a long and healthy life. My left leg and hip had ached for a few years. I thought it would never go away! After a few months of coming to the clinic to take part in the unique BootCamp classes offered here, the ache in my leg and hip were gone! I now combine BootCamp, chiropractic care and massage to help keep me fit, happy and feeling great. It’s so convenient that I can get all of these services in one place! The BootCamp consultations are very thorough and I appreciate the time that my trainer takes to understand my movement fully. The classes are small which means I get a lot of personal attention from my instructor, along with encouragement during every class! Front line safety is amazing as proper form and posture is of utmost importance and it’s great that the Active Chiropractic team is always there to accommodate any change in my schedule even at the last minute!

Brenda Chartrand

When I heard that Active Chiropractic Family Health Centre was offering Cancer Survivor Classes I was thrilled. I knew that I needed to increase the activity level in my life. Oncologists highly recommend exercise to their patients, but I just never knew where to take the first steps. I used to participate in the BodySculpt BootCamp classes at Active Chiropractic, but had to discontinue. When I heard about the Cancer Survivor Exercise classes I jumped at the opportunity and haven’t looked back. At first I could barely step onto a small step without almost falling over, now I can step on the BOSU ball with confidence! I feel and look great and am so happy with my newfound health and energy. Attention is given to improving my mobility, stability, balance and functional capacity. The extended warm-up ensures that we are ready to exercise without getting injured. Attention is given to each individual and modifications are given when necessary to ensure everyone is successful! My strength, balance and mobility are all improving. I feel so proud of myself after each and every class and my instructor is patient, knowledgeable, and so encouraging. She always makes sure that we are comfortable and our health and safety comes first and foremost. I highly recommend this program to all cancer survivors, whether currently on treatment or pre/post treatment. We can all benefit from more exercise in our lives and Rachel has helped me to affirm my capabilities.

Pat Bergsma

After being diagnosed with and treated for cancer my fitness, endurance and confidence in my body's abilities were at an all time low. I wanted to start exercising again but needed the right program.The Cancer Survivors Exercise Class at Active Chiropractic has been just right for me. It is a small committed group (maximum of 8 participants) which allows the trainer to focus on each individual and modify as needed. Because we are all at different stages in our recovery we all work at our own pace but Rachel (the instructor) is a great motivator. She is enthusiastic and our classes are fun! Since starting this program my energy, core strength, endurance and sense of well being have all improved immeasurably. Oncologists usually recommend returning to an active lifestyle and this program has been perfect for me.

Lomie Coleman .M.D.

I think it's important to let business owners aware when they have wonderful employees. I have struggled making a commitment to any form of exercise and decided to give boot camp classes a shot back in September. It's the only form of exercise I have been able to make a true commitment to. My commitment is due to Rachel, she is an incredibly patient young lady. When I felt like I had two lefts of everything Rachel was so encouraging and so patient with me. She has taught me the correct way to do things (exercises) even if she has to tell me 10 times during a class. Two thumbs up to Rachel....I will be registering for my third round!

Louise Hermitte

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